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In praise of a ‘normal’ week. No one sick, no frantic calls from school, me home working (have you ever tried to work from home with your big baby of a DH coughing and groaning in the other room…not conducive people, not conducive), and  the house not a complete disaster. I mean sure, I found these in the food pantry,


but it’s as close to normal as it gets around here. I’ve done mucho work on the Dad socks and the big pink and green blanket this week, but they are huge (and thus, hard to finish) so I may not have much to report for FO Friday. I am knitting with Evil Jamie tomorrow though, so you never know.

That was it…that was supposed to be the entire post. But then I got an e-mail saying I had a comment waiting for approval. Pretty routine really, but I’m completely freaked out!

[This is me doing the combination freaked out/dance of joy, I am so not including a YouTube link...use your imaginations.]

Lorelle quoted me…in the Blog Herald…and she said I “got it right”! That’s like the Yarn Harlot blogging that she liked your sweater design. Holy Moly! I’m excited. And, as excited as I am about the quote and all, I’m even more excited to read that Lorelle reads this as one of her ‘knitting blogs’ and that she’s a knitter too. Way cool. But I guess that means maybe I should do a knitting post sometime soon.

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