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Knittus Interruptus

Yes, yes, I know. A lot of politics, precious little knitting. What can I say? Lorelle says “Blog your passion.” Brenda says “Start as you mean to go on.” That’s not to say that politics is my (only) passion and that I mean to go on ranting about politics forever. But, as I said in the book review, I’m addicted to democracy. I love this country and the ideas and ideals upon which it was founded. And, after much introspection (prompted by Brenda), I have decided that I am a writer who knits…not a knitter who writes. I can live without knitting…heck, I might even be able to manage living without knitting and crochet. A lifelong ban on those two addictions hobbies would leave me more time for gardening (or as I & the rest of the working class call it…yardwork) and baking. I cannot, however, live without putting what is racing around my head down on ‘paper’–although I’m starting to wish more of what was racing around my head concerned energy storage, and renewable and distributed energy (as that is what actually pays the bills around here).

Despite being sucked into the vortex of politics (both local and national), and despite an ongoing variety of cooties (Stinky’s finger infection, Duck’s ear infection, DH’s finally getting the flu the rest of us had two weeks ago, etc.) I have managed to continue wielding the pointy sticks (although if they all don’t get back to work/school soon I may be forced to move to a Siberian labor camp to get some peace and quiet). The ‘knitting’ blog has been (and probably will continue to be) interrupted by other issues and the dishcloth bender (eleven and a tribble as of last night) was interrupted by an e-mail from Kentucky Julia who was wondering if I had any extra scarves laying around. I didn’t but, because she was looking for a gift for Antiquing Dean’s Mom, I offered to make her one ‘real quick’. So, I stopped the dishcloths (temporarily) and made this:


Antiquing Dean is about 6 foot 6 inches tall and Kentucky tells me his mom goes 6 feet, so I made it super long…9 feet…enough to double wrap around her neck and still drape. She’s going to Ireland (where it’s probably still cold) in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping she likes it enough to take it with her.

I liked it so much I’m going to re-work the (long since frogged) purple ribbed scarf, which I decided was too narrow, into something similar.

Lavender Ribbed Scarf

When I get the purple one done, I’ll post pattern specifics over in the free patterns page. If you can’t wait, most of the relevant details are on Ravelry.

2 comments to Knittus Interruptus

  • Kentucky Julia

    HOLY MOTHER OF JEEBUS! That’s one BEAUTIFUL green scarf. I LOVE green!

    Just as I feared, my lying lips are already shaping words of deceit to spew in the general direction of my sorta-mother-in-law Cleveland Carol (CC), like the ever popular “the dog ate it”…”it got lost in the mail”…or “I was savagely robbed while carrying the belated birthday package from my gate-guarded community to CC’s gate-guarded community”…

    My brain isn’t feeling especially creative at the moment, so I’m falling back on some favorite old lies that didn’t work the first 132 times I used them. Not a good idea. Besides, as Antiquing Dean said last night, if I keep the scarf, what the heck are we gonna get her in its stead? CC recently came into some bucks via death (someone else’s, not hers [duh]), so she can buy anything she wants. An Amber original scarf would rock her world (and keep her warm in Ireland where it is still, indeed, quite chilly); however, wouldn’t a cordless, hand-held Scum Buster warm the cockles of her heart (as opposed to the exposed skin of her neck)?

    OK, I guess Cleveland Carol gets the bitchin’ scarf. But…Amber did mention Christmas…

    THANKS AGAIN, AMBER! After 15 years of friendship, you’ve made me cry once on the bus to the Test Site, but with that one exception, you’ve been an AWESOME PAL. Just remember, the Windjammer Estate is always ready to serve you poolside during your Vegas vacations!

  • Oh honey, you’re welcome. Don’t lie to CC so you can keep the scarf (you’ll just get to hell that much faster you godless heathen). I’ll make you one too, but it’s gonna be a little further down in the queue. You should have it by Christmas…maybe well before.

    I was a major meanie that morning on the bus and I’m lucky you’ve stuck with me this long!

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